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My It Has Been A Long Time!!!

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I have added a bolg entry and I am about to rectify that situation.  We have been busy preparing ourselves for the upcoming season and trying to finally shake off this years winter! 

Last week I made a nice batch of soap which will be placed in our two guestrooms in about a couple of weeks as it still has to cure. 

I turned a very nice pork belly from Hahn Farms in Salt Point into apple smoked bacon.  The seven hour smoking took place in one of our many snowstorms here in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  You talk about cold smoking!!!

Today was our first reasonably warm day in quite a period of time and I took advantage of it by placing hive top feeders and adding simple syrup to all three of our honey bee hives.  With any luck we should have a bumper crop of honey for you all to enjoy!

Here is a short movie I took of the hives:





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