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Bee & Garden News

I just came inside from tending the bees.  The wonderful news is the stronger hive was just outfitted with a queen excluder and an added honey super.  There is at least the potential for some honey  for human consumption here at the Willows!  The weaker hive is no longer that, it isn't ready for a honey super but it is close. 

It has been so hot and dry here this summer in the Hudson Valley.  The garden is still provided us with vegetables to serve to our guests.  We have already served kohlrabi, yellow patty pan squash, and purple haze carrots in our vegetable pancake. We have basil, arugula, tarragon, and thyme in abundance.  Our first tomato of the season went out at this mornings breakfast, a Juane Flamme which is an apricot sized orange tomato.  Nothing beats the taste of a garden grown tomato!

Tomorrow they are calling for some much needed rain.  Let us hope that not only we get some but the entire mid west of North America can use some!

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