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Raspberries & Kiwis

I've come in from pruning our raspberry patch this warm late winter afternoon.  Here is a portion of last year's crop along with some hardy kiwis.  We grow three varieties of raspberries; Fall Red, Fall Gold, and Taylor.  They either go into our Oatmeal Raspberry pancakes or are used in our fruit courses.  We have three Russian hardy kiwi vines right by the parking area.  The fruit is small and hairless.  They ripen in the early autumn and are used as garnishes in some of our fruit courses.

Apple Compote

This is one our fruit courses, an apple compote.  It has an edible cinnamon sugar dusted wheat torilla shell.  The compote consists of our own heirloom apples that have been sauted in apple cider, rehydrated cranberries and cherries and then topped with our own house made granola.


Here are some of last years grapes.  The variety is called Canadice and they are a red seedless table grape.  The reason I'm posting this picture is today is that  I went out and pruned the vines so hopefully our guests can enjoy some on their fruit plates this coming year.


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