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Rolled Oats

This past weekend our guests enjoyed Oatmeal Banana Pancakes.  The picture to the left shows the machine I use to make the rolled oats, a variation of a pasta maker.  There are three machined rollers instead of two smooth rollers.  The photograph on the right show the finished product.  The rolled oats are soaked in our own made buttermilk (the by product of buttermaking)  for about a half an hour.

Snowy Morning

What's new at the Willows Bed & Breakfast

Welcome to in the inaugural entry of the Willows Bed & Breakfast blog.  Winter seems to have just gotten started here but it will only be a few weeks from now that I'll prune the Hardy Kiwi vines and the Canadice grape vines.  After that, I'll start pruning our heirloom apple and pear trees.  Here is a picture of one of our Bartlett pears.  Last year we made a Vanilla Bean Bartlett Pear Jam for the breakfast table.


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