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N.Y. Times Article About Hyde Park

Here is a  link containing an wonderful article written about some of the sites and attractions here in Hyde Park especially the Roosevelt Home And Library.

Garden Happenings

Well, it still doesn't really feel like Spring here in the Hudson Valley!  We had frost last night and the mornings are to say the least, crisp.  We are serving items from our garden, however.  This mornings breakfast featured some asparagus, chives, a few varieties of lettuces, mizuna, arugula, mustard, and tat soi.  The chocolate mint is now ready as well.  I sometimes make strawberries and cream with the mint topped with shaved Belgian white chocolate.

Spring Update

It certainly has been a strange Spring!  In March we had "Spummer" here in the Hudson Valley and now we seem to be somewhat more normal temperature wise.  It has been very dry here but there is the promise of rain over the weekend.  We sure could use it.  Our asparagus is starting to peak their heads out of the ground so we will be serving that.  Our lettuces, mizuna, mustard, and tatsoi are all just about ready to be picked, so there will be garden salads for breakfast quite soon.  The heirloom apples and pear trees have a lower than normal blossom set possibly due to late pruning and/or t


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