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Bee & Garden News

I just came inside from tending the bees.  The wonderful news is the stronger hive was just outfitted with a queen excluder and an added honey super.  There is at least the potential for some honey  for human consumption here at the Willows!  The weaker hive is no longer that, it isn't ready for a honey super but it is close. 

Introducing The Willows Bed & Breakfast's Own Bacon!

We are now serving our very own bacon!  Since we were able to locally source fresh pork bellies production has started on making our own bacon.  A wet brine that consists of Hudson Valley apple cider, canning salt, molasses, and brown sugar are used.  It is then smoked for five hours using our own apple wood.  Since we have a small apple and pear orchard and every Spring the trees have to be pruned it made sense to chip up the trimming so we could use it to smoke meats and cheeses. The good news for our guests is that this bacon is nitrate and nitrite free!

Another Busy Day

Today I made a Mango Papaya Lime Sorbet; summer is coming!  Along with that I made a pound of sweet cream butter using my new to me 1940's Gem Dandy butter churn.  I purchased it yesterday locally and it worked great!  I also checked up on the bees and it looks like one hive is slightly stronger than the other.  The feeding of simple syrup continues.


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