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Pork Happenings

Back from Hahn Farm were I purchased a 15 pound pork shoulder and a 9 pound pork belly.  The shoulder has been butchered (skin and bones removed) and I'll make about 14 pounds of sausage.  The other local belly will be taken out of the brine and smoked tomorrow.  The  Hahn's belly will start it's cure treatment tomorrow as well.  Looking like I have a busy day planned!

New Method For Bacon

I just tried a new method for making bacon. I took a local pork belly (thank you Adams Fairacre Farms) and cut it into two pieces. Instead of a wet cure I made a semi wet cure consisting of canning salt, brown sugar, molasses and Grade B maple syrup. It made a paste which I have rubbed on the bellies. Placed the bellies into zip lock bags and will cure them for seven days as opposed to the three that I used for the wet cure.

Bee & Garden News

I just came inside from tending the bees.  The wonderful news is the stronger hive was just outfitted with a queen excluder and an added honey super.  There is at least the potential for some honey  for human consumption here at the Willows!  The weaker hive is no longer that, it isn't ready for a honey super but it is close. 


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